Extremely knowledgeable of the endocannabinoid system and its function. They explained how the CBD and THC work together. I happen to have a background in the system so I paid very close attention to their knowledge.
Fantastic staff!

Christine H.

Such helpful staff!!!! Totally helped us out -from a state with no dispensaries-and they made my first time easy peasy

Meaghan P.

A sweet, approachable shop with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everything you need and nothing you don't. Good value and quality products.

Rachel J.

Super experienced, friendly service! It is always a great experience here, great selection, great prices. I will always come here for my goods.


Visited a lot of Rec spots in Michigan, this place ROCKS! Best Rec $ in the state, hands down. Staff is cool, they try to keep stocked but they do a lot of business.. and do run out of stuff. but every time I am in.. there is something new. Not to mention out of state discount!

Chris Stockslager

These people are the BEST! I came in from out of state (I'm a medical patient) & they honored my card, which was awesome. Their prices are truly amazing compared to other states, they carry Stiiizy, Wana & Kiva edibles, their budtenders are so incredibly kind & courteous and they go above and beyond. I unknowingly dropped my ID & medical card, they called me immediately upon finding them but I couldn't turn around. They mailed to to my daughter & I have them safely back in my possession! During this COVID-19 pandemic, they still have smiles under those masks :-) Thank you all so much, I can't wait to visit again soon & I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area, it's a great place

Happy Customer

Great prices and great staff! The out of state discount for those of us making the long drive is awesome and much appreciated! This has become my go to dispensary when I make the trip!!

Travis Ragland

Fantastic staff/ Really Great Product. Very classy shop..
Don't miss this place if in Michigan. You wont be disappointed. I give Kinship a 10 stars if i could!!!!!!!

Todd Pace

Its the best place ever. Ive been to many and i rather go here because the people are friendly they show they care about there customers and they even will sit and talk to on a hard day and just be helpful i recommend every to visit ones at least. Paul is one of my favorite people there but i like every one also lol.

Mr. Torres

Excellent experience all the way around. Friendly, knowledgeable service, reasonable prices, great selection. Will be returning and would definitely suggest to anyone I know.

Troy Eldridge

I swear this place is my favorite and I'll never stray again. I was out of town and had a horrible experience which made me appreciate this shop sooo much more. this place always has knowledgeable staff. they are so kind and inviting. they are so good about making sure their medical patients are a priority. I have been here a handful of times and I'm always impressed and walk out with a smile. I had one situation with a bad cartridge and someone called me gave me there cellphone number to send them pictures of what happened to the cart and they were so awesome at handling the whole situation. give these people your business they truely deserve it.


I may not be driving from out of state, but it's still a drive for me to get to Kinship. But if I did live out of state, I'd DEFINITELY make the trip just to be able to buy my medical marijuana at prices I can afford!!Their selection is amazing, and the budtenders are amazingly knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. I've had trouble with other places in the past having rude employees, to impatient to answer questions. It was like they were in a hurry to get me out of there, or like I was wasting their time, but not at Kinship. They're ready to greet you with a smile at the door!! This place is absolutely my favorite place now. Especially with such a great selection, and affordable prices!!


I am a out of state US Army vet with a TBI as well as severe fibromyalgia. The VA turn me into a zombie with prescriptions till I found cannabis. The team did a great job getting me in and out and Sidney treated me with kindness and took the time to hear out and got me what I needed. I highly recommend this dispensary they are now my number one place the prices are good the products are phenomenal. Again thank y'all hope to see y'all soon. Thank you Wolf


I came to Michigan from Chicago today, (3-18) I was heading to a dispensary in Ann Arbor when I saw Kinship's billboard - I looked them up in Weedmaps and turned around. Great service and great prices. Tristan was our bud-tender and dude knew his stuff and was friendly. Definitely worth the 3 hour drive! You guys rock!


This is a gorgeous dispensary with excellent service. Lovely place as you walk in, you hear the relaxing music and friendliness of its employees. They make you feel homey and provide you with a pleasurable experience. Their prices in general for anything you decide to purchase is very reasonable and a variety of options are available in terms of edibles or smokable. The place is located in a sort of isolated town very accommodating to a private experience in a way which gives you the feeling of personal and private gratification. I highly recommend this place if you are anywhere nearby.


The staff is awesome. very helpful and knowledgeable. the product is fantastic. I've been to a few dispensaries in the area and all of them are about the same but finding terp sugar that tests at 86% for a good price is hard to come by. the prices are probably some of the lowest in the area and the location is extremely convenient. it's literally right off I-94.


Open space with a great helpful staff, only shop I've been to yet that obviously has taken all the good aspects from other legal states shops and taken them to the next level, well worth the 45 minute drive.


My mother and I came in the store for the first time today and the staff were awesome. Hospitable and knowledgeable. Offered to show us around not just what do u want and pushed out. A lot of medical dispensaries are in our town but as of now we prefer to travel further for Better service and Better and cheaper product. Definitely the definition of what a Medical/Adult Use faculty is about. Others should take note. I work in this field myself so I know personally.


The staff is absolutely wonderful here. The receptionist Kelly is very knowledgeable about the products that they carry. Tristan is a very big help and always has a smile on his face. Kathleen is also amazing and very knowledgeable. The prices are also very reasonable. I would recommend this place a million times over any other dispensary!


Extremely relaxing environment they play my favorite lofi station which is all I smoke down listening on. Very quick in, and out process if I need it to be. I love the Kinship flower that's always available, and staff. I can't remember the girls name who waits on me every time, but she has long brown hair, shes always extremely educational a pro at her job just so fantastic! A really wide selection of flower and concentrates, quality, along with the prices being fair with how things have been lately every where else around. I won't go anywhere else they have the best house joints, this place is the best!! I always get the smoke that I wanna pay for. I am very happy kinship is rock solid, and I will return soon like I always do!


This is the most beautiful dispensary I've been to. I went 55 miles out of my way to visit and I will definitely be back! Great selection and good prices! The staff was so welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend this spot.


I paid my first visit on January 1st. The facility is in a great location, has a great outward appearance and is very clean and organized inside. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are different than other dispensaries. They focus on terpenes more than indica/sativa/hybrid. You tell the staff what you like and they can match you with a great strain. They have a good selection, good prices and good products. I'm very pleased with my purchase and definitely will be coming back. Thank you for being awesome.


I came in yesterday for my first time with my husband to check out the place since we live close and have been driving past the billboards for weeks now. Upon walking in I noticed how beautiful the building was from the outside and was eager to get inside! I really love the interior, everything was perfectly placed and designed. The blonde receptionist with glasses was so sweet and warm which is exactly what you want when going into these places. We filled out the first time paper work and got to go right back! As we are walking back I can't help but to notice how nice the layout and theme was carried throughout the store. Our bud tender had such a pretty name ,Brogan, and she was so sweet and had so much knowledge about all of the products and even helped us understand some of what's going on in this industry and really made me feel so comfortable. We ended up spending all of what we pulled out of the atm and got to enter a few tickets into a raffle. Between the warm ness of our bud tender and amazing huge variety of products it's safe to say we will most definitely be back